Our Mission

to provide high quality digestive and endoscopic health care in a compassionate, comprehensive, cost effective manner while assuring the highest level of respect and integrity for the patient.

Instructions and Information regarding your Telemedicine visit

• Schedule your appointment with our office staff by calling 757-481-4817 or request an appointment online www.vbgastro.com
• Once you have a scheduled appointment you will receive a text message or email with a secure link to sign in with Doxy.me
o You might need to check your spam folder in your email for this link
• From there you will sign in to your virtual waiting room where you will wait for your provider to sign in and begin the appointment

Please read this before you start the telehealth/virtual visit. This visit is intended to be very similar to a conventional office visit, but for the virtual/online platform of communication between the patient and the provider. The platform for communication is compliant with HIPPA requirements and is designed to optimize patient care. Your insurance will be billed for the virtual visit just like it would with an in-person office visit. Co-pay/co-insurance will apply as it would for other visits and will be billed after the service. By continuing with this virtual appointment, you accept responsibility for fees for such medical services. Please let the provider know if you have any questions or concerns before you start the visit.

Please note, this visit is for previously scheduled office appointments only. This link will not be available for future in-office visits. If you need to message me before the call starts, please use the message button on the top of the screen. I may be in conversation with another patient, and may not be able to answer the message immediately. If you need urgent attention, please call the office 757-481-4817 or call 911 for emergencies. Please do not use this to message after hours as this is not monitored.